World Wide Web Technology Architecture: A conceptual analysis

Luciano Polo

Table of Contents

1. World Wide Web Technology Architecture
1.1. Design space tree of the World Wide Web technology
1.1.1. Representation design aspect
1.1.2. Identification design aspect
1.1.3. Interaction design aspect
1.2. Conclusion
2. Representation Design Space
2.1. Representation Design Space
2.1.1. Representation Design Aspect
2.1.2. Presentation Design Aspect
2.2. Conclusions
3. Identification Design Space
3.1. Uniform Resource Identifier
3.1.1. Uniformity Design Aspect
3.1.2. Resource Design Aspect
3.2. Conclusions
4. Interaction Design Aspect
4.1. Web Services
4.1.1. Message Design Aspect
4.1.2. Service Design Aspect
4.2. Conclusions

List of Figures

1.1. Agent's Design space
1.2. A World Wide Web document
1.3. Representation design space
1.4. Generic structure of a markup
1.5. Design space of a SGML document
1.6. Design space tree of the identification design aspect
1.7. Design space tree of the interaction design aspect
2.1. Representation Design Aspect
2.2. Tree graph structure of the document model directory.dtd
2.3. Tree graph structure of the document instance directory.xml
2.4. RDF Directed-arc graph
2.5. Directed-arc graph representation of .abc.rdf. document
2.6. Transformation design aspect
2.7. HTML presentation format
3.1. Identification design space tree
3.2. HTML presentation format
4.1. Design space tree of Web services

List of Tables

2.1. Element instances
2.2. Attribute types
2.3. List of values